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Are you looking to get your ductless mini-split repaired on Long Island? Then you have come to the right place. Bonded Mechanical Corp is a full-service family-owned and operated HVAC company. Our technicians are highly trained in fixing mini-split ductless systems.

When will you need ductless mini-split repair?

Dirty Components: A dirty blower or coil can cause mini-split systems to malfunction. This is due to gunk build-up on the coil and blower, which causes heat transfer and prevents the system from heating or cooling properly.

Refrigerant Leaks: When your mini ductless system has a refrigerant leak, it struggles to heat or cool your space. This could cause your coil to freeze up which would prevent your system from working.

Bad Control Board: Mini-splits usually have a number of control boards. Occasionally one of these boards may fail, needing replacement to restore function.

Cleanliness Inspection: When the blowers, coil, and filters are dirty, airflow quality is affected causing the system to underperform.

Check for Leaks: When refrigerant leaks occur, our technicians are trained to inspect the system visually as well as using our electronic leak detector when required to locate the leak.

Drainline Flushing: Sometimes the ductless system lines may become clogged impeding proper flow. We will clear the system so water can flow properly.

Electrical System: Our team will check wiring and contacts for any electrical issues within the mini-ductless system.

When you call our customer support center you will be getting our mini-split AC or Heating expert. Contact us anytime for a free quote.